Wall Mount ERV -Ventilation is the key factor in maintaining a healthy living environment.

The Wall Mount ERV will bring Fresh Filtered air from outside into the building via a high efficiency Cross Flow Heat Exchanger. The ERV Will simultaneously Extract the air from inside the room, This air will also be exhausted from the building via the Cross flow heat exchanger the outgoing air will pass its energy across to the incoming air, thus recovering the energy that is inside the building This system will create required air changes within the building without wasting all of the valuable thermal energy that has been created. The Automatic Mode uses the air quality indicator to determine if the fan speed needs to be increased or decreased. Another great feature of the RecoveryVent 150 W Wall mount Fresh air system is. In areas that have higher outdoor pollution the ERV can use 100% outdoor air, 50% outdoor air or 25% outdoor air. this is easy selected through the intelligent touch screen control pad.

How does it WARM your home?

Our intelligent system recognises the indoor temperature and outdoor temperature.

How does it COOL your home?

On summer nights is it hotter inside the house than outside the house?

How does it STOP mould & condensation?

Unless room moisture is extracted, mould and bacteria will start to form.

How does it PREVENT viruses & influenza?

Once one person in your house gets sick, does it spread to everyone?

How Does It Work?

Our Energy recovery ventilators are designed to force in fresh filtered air from outside.
At the same time extract the stale, damp air from within your home.
Our heat exchanger will recover energy from the outgoing to air to warm or cool the incoming fresh air depending on the season.