WS 300 Flat

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The WS 300 Flat is a centralised, highly-efficient ventilation unit with EC fans and heat recovery, constant volumetric flow regulation and two enthalpy cross-counterflow exchangers. The Unit is extremely compact and very quiet suitable for ceiling and wall mounting. Uniting the latest technology in ERV development and integrated web server options so you can control your WS 300 Flat via the app ‘Air@Home’ on your smartphone when at home or out and about. Very easy of use thanks to modern unit module technology.

Thanks to the continuous, optimum level of ventilation, the fabric of the building is effectively protected against mould and the expensive renovation work that it can lead to. The ideal room air also minimises the risk of adverse effects on health, such as asthma, allergies, headaches and much more.

PERFECT for Living Rooms and Offices

WHAT IS HEAT RECOVERY The highly efficient cross counterflow heat exchanger ensures that the energy in the exhaust air can be reused and transferred to the fresh supply air. In addition, the fact that it is equipped with an enthalpy heat exchanger makes it possible to transfer humidity to the supply air, which is an advantage in winter, when otherwise the room air is dry.

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