Alnor PremAir with Heat Recovery

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Alnor PremAir with Heat Recovery

The PremAir is a HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) and is made of the state-of-art components - Eurovent certified heat exchanger made of PET material and energy-saving EC fan with high 1000Pa compression. The control panel communicates wirelessly with all accessories: CO2 and RH sensors, controllers and Internet gateway. The biggest advantage of the unit, however, is its casing - made of expanded polypropylene (EPP). It is a modern plastic, which structure and design resembles styrofoam, yet it's only superficial assumption since EPP has excellent strength parameters. The EPP casing has exceptional thermal insulation properties, which by analogy improve thermal insulation of the unit, limit the influence of thermal bridges and contribute to the improvement of acoustic parameters.

Heat and energy recovery ventilators supply fresh air heated by the outgoing air to the facilities. Heat and energy recovery ventilator has high efficient counter flow heat exchanger.

The clearance between the fibers is very small, so only the moisture molecules of small diameter can go through, the odor molecules of larger diameter are unable to pass through it. By this means, the temperature and humidity can be recovered smoothly, and prevent the pollutants infiltrating to the fresh air.
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