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HRU-WALL HRV (heat recovery ventilator)

The HRU-WALL 150 is an inside wall mounted heat recovery unit (HRV), designed to ensure adequate ventilation in enclosed environments without energy losses. High efficient reversible EC motor with integral thermal protection, mounted on sealed for life high-quality ball bearings. Heat recovery unit is designed for continuous running.

The unit comes with a ceramic heat exchanger which boasts a maximum heat recovery ratio of 90%. The energy-efficient EC fan changes the running direction every 70 seconds to alternate between air supply and air exhaust.

Low energy consumption and extremely low operating noise make this heat recovery unit a recommended solution for non-stop operation. The heat recovery unit has three-speed levels to choose from, depending on the size of the area and indoor demands.

HRU-WALL-100-25 provides a sufficient air change level in areas up to 19m2.
HRU-WALL-150 provides a sufficient air change level in areas up to 45m2.
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