HRU WALL150RC (remote control)

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HRU-WALL-RC is a HRV bidirectional ventilation unit, often described as decentralised or push-pull, with regenerative ceramic heat exchanger. It is intended for single room installation, usually installed in synchronised pairs. Designed to ensure adequate ventilation in enclosed environments without energy losses.

The heat exchanger material together with its unique honeycomb structure gives a maximal 82% thermal efficiency ratio.
The operating principle is analogous to HRU-WALL - unit is working in alternating flow mode, switches the air flow directions every 40-120 seconds (push-pull) and it’s equipped with energy efficient EC fan (maximum power consumption is only 6 W). The RC version has several advantages:

• Remote controller with an LCD
• 5 speeds: 20-30-40-50-60 m3/h
• Double filter (inner and outer side)
• Multicolour LED for status indication
• Automatically manages the cycle length in COMFORT mode
• Dirty filter visual indicator
• Boost function - maximum air flow for limited time – 5th speed for 15 minutes
• Integrated humidity sensor – smart humidity control, increases speed if rapid rise of relative humidity is measured
• Anti-frost protection
• Free-cooling - only one direction
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