Helty Flow PLUS

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Helty Flow Plus

Helty Flow Plus renews and purifies domestic air, eliminates humidity and hinders the formation of mould. With a sound pressure of only 18 dB, this system is incredibly quiet and its night function, particularly suitable for bedrooms, avoid disturbances during rest periods. On the other hand, in crowded rooms with increasingly heavy air, the hyperventilation function allows much faster room ventilation. With its Made in Italy design, Helty Flow Plus integrates into all the rooms of your home and, thanks to its simplicity and rapid installation. This does not require invasive
masonry work.

Helty Flow is easy to use: the free- cooling function allows the interior of the house to be cooled during the night and summer seasons, whilst the integrated humidity sensor automatically regulates system operation to ensure the right humidity levels, preventing thereby the formation of mould and condensation. The dedicated Smart App also allows simplified management of the machine directly from your smartphone. Helty Flow Plus is also equipped with the innovative Color Trust, the luminous device that indicates indoor air quality through different colours, so as to keep the humidity level under control at a glance..
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