Frapol OnyX Premium Range

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Frapol OnyX Premium Range 500 - 650 - 1300


OnyX Premium ventilation unit is furnished with fans with EC engines and innovative RadiCal rotors. The fans in OnyX recuperators provide for electricity savings and significant noise attenuation. They are also characterised with longer life.


The periodic heat exchanger used in the OnyX Premium air handling unit constitutes a patented system of changing airflow directions allowing for controlled moisture recovery from the exhaust air. Thanks to that the unit, apart from very high heat recovery, keeps the humidity in the room at the desired level of 40-60%. The unit is stable at extremely low temperatures without defrosting the exchanger (no pre-heater) and without condensate drainage.


Frapol SMART is a model of controller dedicated to OnyX recuperators. The modern control system integrates the operation of the heat recovery system, heat / cold exchangers, ventilation equipment, measuring sensors and other field installations, ensuring the possibility of remote control by mobile devices. Frapol SMART enables air quality monitoring (temperature, humidity, gas concentration) and a full preview of the recuperator’s operating parameters on the operator panel.

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