Helty FlowEasy

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Helty Flow is an automatic indoor air exchange system that relies on a double purifying filter to eliminate pollen, dust, stale air and other pollutants present in the outside air. The high-efficiency enthalpy heat recovery system also saves on heating and cooling costs. The electrical consumption of this technology is minimal, keeping its running costs always under EUR 3 cents a day. The compact dimensions of Helty Flow Easy make it suitable for insertion even in small spaces. It is available in a paintable
version, so as to fit perfectly into any environment.

Thanks to the supplied remote control, Helty Flow Easy can be used from anywhere in the room. Installation is quick and easy: it only requires two through-holes on the wall and a mains connection. Even maintenance is really straightforward: just replace the filter by yourself when the warning light comes on, without the intervention of a specialised technician.
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