HDPE Rigid Flex Duct

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FLX-HDPE-A flexible ducts are designed for building air distribution systems.
Their diameter range provides sizes small enough for concealed installation beneath separating floors,cast-in-place flooring systems or suspended ceilings. The inside of the FLX-HDPE-A flexible duct is coated with an anti-static, bactericidal and mouldicidal layer of silver ions. The bactericidal performance of the duct meets the requirements of EN ISO 22196:2007.

FLX-HDPE and FLX-HDPE-A are flexible ducts that are fastened with press-fit connections to other components of the ventilation system. The gaskets fitted in the connections provide high airtightness of the installed system.

FLX-HDPE and FLX-HDPE-A flexible ducts are made of high impact polyethylene. This makes any ventilation ductwork made of these system components very durable. Mechanical strength rating: 450 N. The duct bores are plain and smooth to provide very low-pressure losses across the finished system.
Temperature resistance: combustible; softening point at 130 ˚ ˚C, class B2. The ducts are sold in 50-metre long coils.
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