Distribution Box -FLX-PLO-R / FLX-PRO-R

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The FLX-PLO-R / FLX-PRO-R distribution boxes (manifolds) are used to run the domestic ventilation ductwork to each individual room. As a rule, one air distribution box with a proper amount of FLX duct connection spigots is installed in the supply and exhaust air. However, the number of air distribution boxes depends on the building design. The Ød1 connection spigot is used to connect the main supply or exhaust duct from the heat recovery unit. FLX-HDPE / FLX-
HDPE-A ducting is connected to Ød2 connection spigots.

FLX-PLO-R / FLX-PRO-R distribution boxes are made of galvanized steel sheet. Air distribution boxes made from stainless steel are available on request. Available also insulated distribution box version - FLX-PLI-R / FLX-PRI-R. These distribution boxes have inside an insulation lining made from 9 mm thick rubber foam. FLX-PLO-R distribution boxes are equipped with duct connection spigots Ød2 with an EPDM seal – this type of connection with FLX-HDPE ducting is airtight and easy to install.
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