Dantherm DanX Indoor Pool Climate Control

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The Dantherm DanX for swimming pool air management.

It is impossible to avoid water evaporation in indoor pool swimming pool environments, however using a carefully designed ventilation solution, the relative humidity can be controlled to a comfortable level. On the basis of pool size, water temperature, air temperature, and humidity, Dantherm’s DanX can be designed to accommodate any requirement. Available with a one or two stage heat recovery system and a bespoke controls package, it is the ideal device for providing energy- and cost effective control of swimming pool environments anywhere in the world.

The DanX units are superior solutions for controlling the relative humidity and fresh air supply in indoor swimming pool rooms.
A one or two stage heat recovery system and a specially-made control system provide energy-efficient and cost-effective control of the swimming pool hall environment. The DanX units are designed to endure the aggressive environment encountered in swimming pool rooms. A robust, optionally powder-coated, framework and a cross flow heat exchanger of anodized and epoxy-coated aluminium protect the DanX unit against corrosion.

The long service life of the DanX units results in long term economic gains and contributes to a low total cost of ownership.
The DanX units are available in different sizes and with a double heat exchanger, a heat pump and cross flow heat exchanger, a heat exchanger and reversible heat pump, a cross flow heat exchanger or a heat pump.
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