Dantherm DanX Comfort

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A comfortable indoor climate is an important factor for all people. The modular, high-end DanX air handling unit is designed to regulate and control temperatures, humidity and air quality in hotels and office buildings – or anywhere else where the well-being of the occupants is a priority. Based on Dantherm’s ”all-in-one-box” concept,

DanX ensures you a highly reliable and easily operated solution, and offers not only significant heat recoveries but also the possibility of high-quality demand management.

People are affected by two main factors when indoors:
1.temperature and 2. air quality.

How high or low the temperature should depend on the activities taking place in the particular room as well as on the outside climate and the season. In choosing the popular DanX for your comfort air handling needs you are not only guaranteed a top-of-the-line solution, but also 50 years of experience within the climate control and air handling business.

DanX with Heat Pump
One of the great advantages of the high-end DanX unit is the fact that it can be supplied with a built-in reversible heat pump, allowing for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter and making such things as outside cooling installations redundant. As the heat pump can easily be re-directed, de-icing of the coils is carried out at once within the heat pump circuit.
The heat pump consists of a high-performance compressor and can be extended with a frequency controller that makes possible exact regulation of the thermal indoor climate. Another option is to supplement the heat pump with a water-cooled condenser for extra cooling capacity. The excess heat can be utilised for heating the water for domestic use.
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