Fresh Air System Heat Pump ERV Models


Heat Pump Fresh Air Systems – Heat Pump Heating and Cooling, Dehumidifier Energy Recovery Ventilation.

Based on the traditional ERV heat exchanger technology, we have now introduced a 2nd stage of heating and cooling using ultra efficient Heat Pump technology
Let us Introduce Heat Pump FAS (Fresh Air System)
HPERV will supply fresh air that is controlled at a constant temperature and humidity, This will make for the flow of fresh clean healthy air at comfortable temperatures. RecoveryVent HPERV has F9 (PM2.5) particulate filtration along with Carbon filtration and a G4 Pre filter (dust filter) to ensure the best quality fresh air is entering the buildingSo now we have a complete ventilation system that also heats and cools. The RecoveryVent Heat Pump FAS does not require an outdoor unit. Great advantage for apartment developments with limited space for outdoor AC units. They also come in Ceiling Mount as well as Vertical mount for installation into a cupboard (great for apartments with limited ceiling space)

How does it work?

As per a  standard ERV
Fresh air is supplied into the building
Air is extracted from the building
The air on its way out passes its energy across to the incoming fresh air via the heat exchanger. The incoming air after travelling through aluminium plate heat exchanger will have been heated or cooled by the ‘Exhaust’ air.
The supply air then travels through the Heat Pump. The Heat Pump will then either warm or cool the air if required. If the supply air is already at the target temperature the heat pump will not be required at that point in time
In “Auto” mode There will be the 3 states Heat, Cool or Ventilate
The intelligent system will recognise what needs to be achieved. Therefore there will always be a constant flow of Fresh, Clean air coming into the building with minimal power load.

Your mould and dampness problems are extracted.

Showering, cooking, cleaning and breathing can add up to 40 litres of moisture to a family home in a single day.

Unless this moisture is extracted mould and bacteria will start to form.

A RecoveryVent Energy recovery ventilator (ERV) will extract the moist air from your home and introduce fresh dry air from outside.

We guarantee air changes within your home. We bring air directly from outside (not from your roof space) the fresh air then goes through a filter and a heat exchanger from there it is forced into each room of your home.

At the same time the stale moist, musty air from inside is being extracted.

The cycle continues and the excess humidity is being extracted and therfore your mould and dampness problems are being extracted also.